Hi, Many in our community are aware that I did a 30 day detox and the results were LIFE CHANGING for me. I have never had so much energy and felt so clear-headed before. I felt ALIVE and VITAL - Possibly the best I have ever felt. - And I was training hard so this detox is complimentary to your exercise regime. My body also changed in wonderful ways. So naturally I want to share that with you! This will change your view on food forever! It is 100% free. There are no costs involved. Though it may not be easy at first it is a great way to learn that YOU control your food and your food does NOT control you! But it is a journey and the start is not easy. Fight through that and you will arrive in a positive space. Since I put this page up we have had over 650 people officially (and many more unofficially) complete the REBOOT and nobody has ever regretted it. The contrary. These are the basic rules If that sounds crazy to you … take a look at what some of our people say before you run for the hills ;)     After you have checked these out we will dive more into the detail of what you need to do                          and we even have friends from over the seas getting involved now.. our first friends from Slovenia!             Still with me?  Freaking out yet? That is a normal reaction since we are stripping out the food groups which give most people trouble but ironically are the same food groups we believe we cannot live without. MOST IMPORTANT is that you MUST complete 30 days with ZERO, NADA, NO cheats AT ALL - that is the real challenge and important to make the REBOOT. Patrick Holford classes sugar as a drug in his books much the same we cocaine and nicotine. Prof Tim Noakes has also said that sugar is an addiction. But think about this…. If you cannot imagine how you can live without sugar is it fair to say you cannot live without sugar unless you have actually tried. Until you have tried you are not in an informed position to decide which you prefer. Can you now see the potential powerful effect this could have on your life. You will also be amazed at how there is sugar added to so many foods you never imagined. At the very least you are going to gain an education.   Some key points: The REBOOT is not advertised a weight-loss silver bullet strategy. The focus is more on your relationship with food. But everyone asks …..so … YES … people do typically lose Kg’s and cm’s in the 30 days. Some a lot more than others. Typically 3-5kgs for ladies and 4-8 Kg’s for men. But I am not making any promises on this one. Essentially you are stripping out the food groups which typically give people problems. FEAR NOT In those rules there has been on a focus on what you cannot have. The good new is is there is plenty of delicious food you CAN have. Because you have eaten a certain way your whole life you are probably wondering what the hell you are going to eat?? FEAR NOT! The choice is endless. You will discover this on your journey. Eating this style does not need to be boring or bland. Below is a quick collage of some of the many delicious foods and meals you can eat. Feel a little better? INITIAL GUIDELINES REBOOT is based on the “Paleo Diet’s” concept of eating “real” food. Fresh, natural food like meat, vegetables and fruits. The foods are nutrient dense, with lots of naturally-occurring vitamins and minerals, over foods that have more calories but less nutrition. Food quality is important, buying produce locally and organically as often as possible. It’s not a low calorie diet, you eat as much as you need to maintain strength, energy, and a healthy weight. Fat isn’t the enemy, it’s’ a great energy source when it comes from high quality foods such as coconut, avo and nuts. It’s not an intentionally low-carb diet, but you will be eating vegetables and fruit instead of bread, cereal, pasta, and those kind of grains and starchy things. Eating like this is good for maintaining a healthy metabolism, and reducing inflammation within the body. It’s great for energy levels, body composition (weight loss) and performance in the gym. It also helps to minimize risk for a whole host of lifestyle diseases and conditions. You will be focusing on foods such as Fish Meat Eggs Nuts Fruit Vegetables While avoiding foods such as Anything with sugar Dairy Products Grains Legumes Added Sugar (real of artificial) Vegetable Oils Alcohol In the group you will get more clear guidelines on portion sizes and other finer details from the group. YOU ARE NOT DOING THIS ALONE We have a dedicated Facebook group where you can chat to others on REBOOT and share ideas on recipes, strategies and general motivation. You can  find the group and JOIN it here. https://www.facebook.com/groups/SleekgeekREBOOT/ If you wish to succeed you MUST join the group     This is the type of support you can expect in the group from our wonderful community. ARE YOU READY? IT’S ALL 100% FREE. This is a gift you should give yourself. Make the commitment. Sign your name to show your commitment!       On Twitter please use the hashtag #sleekgeekREBOOT   Let’s do this people. One day at a time. And I am with you every rep of the way, Eat clean, train dirty. Elan

After my liquid fast, doing this :)